Geri Chairs and Recliners

  • 3 Position Geriatric Recliners
    3 Position Geriatric Recliners
    3 positions in Geri Chairs are  upright , deep recline and elevated leg rest/footrest.  Typically operated by a relative or caregiver, these chairs are best-suited to the hospital and the home, as they provide a safe, comfortable way for those with limited mobility to relax.
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  • Heavy Duty Geriatric Recliners
    Heavy Duty Geriatric Recliners
    The bariatric model is extra strong with the same  3 positions as a normal Geri Chair. The positions are upright, deep recline and elevated leg rest/footrest. 
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  • Clinical Care Recliners
    Clinical Care Recliners
    The clinical care Geri chair recliners are  ideal for use in dialysis, blood collection, respiratory and cardiac care. They can s hift into four positions: upright, TV, full recline and Trendelenburg. 
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  • Drop-Arm Recliners
    Drop-Arm Recliners
    Drop Arm  Geri  Chairs  are designed for patient side transfer.  Drop-Arms are simple to activate and provides a safer, easier lateral transfer for the resident and caregiver. Padded armrests provide a soft surface for added comfort. 
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  • Preferred Care Recliners
    Preferred Care Recliners
    Preferred Care Geri  Chair  Recliners  can have a reclining mechanism that allows for infinite reclining positions.  The can have 2  swivel, rear-locking casters enable the Preferred Care Recliner to be easily maneuvered in small spaces and moved down hallways.
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Geri chairs (or geriatric chairs) are large padded chairs with wheeled bases, and are designed to assist seniors with limited mobility. When compared to transport chairs, these units tend to be roomier and easier to lounge in, and are usually both cushioned and reclinable.