About Electric Trikes

Electric trikes are three-wheeled electric vehicles that are powered by an electric motor and a battery. They are designed for individuals who need assistance with balance or stability, but still want the independence of personal transportation. They usually have a comfortable seat and handlebars for steering, and some models may also come with a basket or storage space. They are typically used for short-distance travel, running errands, and leisure activities. Electric trikes are eco-friendly, easy to operate, and require less physical effort than traditional bicycles, making them a popular choice for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those with limited mobility. The range and speed of electric trikes can vary depending on the model and battery size, with some models capable of reaching top speeds of 20-30 mph and having a range of 20-40 miles on a single charge. However, it's important to note that regulations regarding the use of electric trikes may vary by location.

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The new Trikes can easily be operated as a regular trike by just pedaling, or as an electric trike with 100% electric power by just twisting the hand throttle.  You can even combine pedaling and electric power at the same time. 

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