Oxygen Conservers

  • Disposable Oxygen Conservers
    Disposable Oxygen Conservers
    These Conservers facilitate the delivery of high-flow oxygen therapy in a homecare setting. It provides a comfortable alternative to a mask, allowing patients to eat, drink and talk. It also provides an alternative to continuous flow delivery for hard-to-saturate patients. Compatible with compressed gas cylinders, concentrators and liquid oxygen.
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  • Electronic Oxygen Conservers
    Electronic Oxygen Conservers
    These conservers are designed for use as part of a portable ambulatory oxygen system for the purpose of facilitating long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT). This conserver provides mobile LTOT patients with an extended operating time of their mobile system. 
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  • Pneumatic Oxygen Conservers
    Pneumatic Oxygen Conservers
    This regulator is used with high pressure  oxygen  systems, which are sold separately. Pneumatic Oxygen Conservers  deliver a consistent volume of  oxygen  with each breath - up to 40 breaths per minute.
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An oxygen conserving device (OCD) controls the flow of oxygen from the oxygen source to the patient. The OCD releases oxygen only when the patient inhales, thus dramatically increasing the amount of time a patient can use the oxygen supply.

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