Diabetic Foot Care

  • Diabetic Shoes
    Diabetic Shoes
    Diabetic shoes  are sometimes referred to as extra depth, therapeutic  shoes  or Sugar  Shoes . They are specially designed  shoes , or  shoe  inserts, intended to reduce the risk of skin breakdown in  diabetics  with pre-existing foot disease.
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  • Compression Socks
    Compression Socks
    You wear  compression stockings  to improve blood flow in your legs. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots. If you have varicose veins, spider veins, or have just had surgery, your health care provider may refer you to wear  compression stockings .
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  • Diabetic Socks
    Diabetic Socks
    Diabetic socks  are a non-binding and non-elasticized  which are designed so as to not constrict the foot or leg. Typically sufferers of  diabetes  are the most common users of this type of  sock .  Diabetes  raises the blood sugar level, which can increase the risk of foot ulcers.
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If you have diabetes, nerve damage, circulation problems, and infections can lead to serious foot problems. However, you can take precautions to maintain healthy feet.

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