Manual Hospital Beds

About Manual Hospital Beds

Manual hospital beds are a type of hospital bed that can be adjusted manually, usually using a crank or lever system. These beds do not have an electric motor, so they must be adjusted manually by the patient or caregiver. Manual hospital beds are typically used in healthcare settings where electric beds are not available or where the power supply is unreliable. They are also used in some home care situations, particularly for patients who only need occasional bed adjustments. Manual hospital beds can be adjusted in a variety of ways, including raising or lowering the overall height of the bed, adjusting the headrest and footrest, and tilting the bed to different angles. Some manual hospital beds also have rails and other safety features to help prevent falls or accidents. While manual hospital beds may require more physical effort to adjust, they can be a good option for patients who only need occasional bed adjustments or for those who do not require the additional features and functionality of an electric bed.

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Manual Hospital Beds are comfortable medical beds that allow for the adjustment of the user’s height as well as head and knee elevation through the use of hand cranks as opposed to electrical equipment. The wireless nature of these beds allows them to be a cost-effective bedding option, as the lack of electrical equipment limits maintenance costs. 

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