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About Electric Hospital Beds

A full electric hospital bed is a type of hospital bed that can be adjusted using an electric motor. This allows the bed to be raised or lowered, and the head and footrests to be adjusted, using a remote control or control panel. Full electric hospital beds are often preferred by healthcare facilities because they are easier to use and require less physical effort from caregivers. Full electric hospital beds are typically used for patients who need to be in bed for long periods of time, such as those recovering from surgery or those with mobility issues. They can also be used for patients who need to be positioned at different angles or heights for medical procedures or to alleviate pressure on certain areas of the body. Full electric hospital beds are designed to be safe and stable, and they may have additional features such as rails, brakes, and wheel locks to prevent accidents.

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Full electric, motorized hospital beds help patients sit up & get out of bed with ease and provide caregivers better access to their patients. Full Electric Beds allow users to dial in the desired bed position and height. With easy height-adjustable capabilities transfers to and from a bed or chair are much easier and saves caregivers the constant strain of bending over.

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