Bath & Shower Products

  • Bath Benches & Stools
    Bath Benches & Stools
    Designed for individuals who require additional safety measures with balance in the bath or shower.
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  • Bath & Shower Accessories
    Bath & Shower Accessories
    See our accessories for use in the bath or shower
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  • Hand Held Shower Heads
    Hand Held Shower Heads
    Designed to provide the user with a relaxing experience when showering. This design  allows the user to bathe while sitting on a bath bench in the shower or tub.
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  • Bath Lifts
    Bath Lifts
    A  bath lift  is a medical device for mechanically lowering and lifting individuals from a bathtub. Most tub lifts are battery-operated, controlled with a simple button device. Most bath lifts are portable and fit inside the tub, while some are wall-mounted or are separate medical devices that can both transport patients to the tub along with capabilities to lower them into the tub.
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  • Shower Chairs & Beds
    Shower Chairs & Beds
    Easily transport patients to shower or treatment areas. Mobile shower beds and chairs make moving patients or loved ones safe and comfortable.
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  • Transfer Benches
    Transfer Benches
    Provides assistance to those who have difficulty stepping over bathtub walls.  Comfortable seats and backrests are water tight and easy to clean.  
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  • Bellavita Bath Items & Accessories
    Bellavita Bath Items & Accessories
    The Bellavita is our new ultra modern automatic bath lift. The Bellavita is easy to transport and stow away and has accessories you can choose from. It is ideally suited for use in the home. The new stylish design was created with the assistance of healthcare professionals and includes many wonderful features.
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See all of our bath and shower products including bath lifts, transfer benches and stools and shower bed's and chairs. See our complete collection for your safety or for those you love.

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