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  • Folding Power Chairs
    Folding Power Chairs
    Finding a portable wheelchair can be difficult. With large motors and frames, these chairs don’t always lend themselves to convenient transport. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of what we believe to be the most capable motorized wheelchairs available. Most of these chairs are lightweight or disassemble, and some even feature foldable frames. If you find that lugging your unit from point A to B is a chore, it may be time to think about replacing it with a more portable motorized wheelchair.
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  • Front Wheel Drive Power Chairs
    Front Wheel Drive Power Chairs
    Due to the fact that the drive wheel is located in the front of the wheelchair base, obstacle climbing is considered a strength of FWD power wheelchairs.  FWD wheelchairs are not known for performing well at high speeds and may fishtail when driving at top speeds. While the wheelchair may have a tighter radius for maneuvering around corners, the user must account for rear part of the wheelchair in order for the entire base to swing around. Remembering to account for what is behind a user and out of sight can be confusing and/or difficult for a user.
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  • Heavy Duty Power Chairs
    Heavy Duty Power Chairs
    Bariatric  patients often believe that their body types will prevent them from finding a power chair  that meets their needs.  With weight capacities of up to 800 lbs our heavy duty  power wheelchairs  (often referred to as bariatric power  chairs) are strong enough to accommodate almost any user with comfort in mind.
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  • Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chairs
    Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chairs
    This drive-wheel configuration is known to be useful for consumers with very tight spaces in their homes and who have the need for good maneuverability. A MWD power wheelchair can turn in a 360° circle using only the footprint of the wheelchair (from the consumer’s feet to the rear caster wheels).  These days it is common to have a six-wheels-on-the-ground design, as that provides the consumer with very good stability while driving. When it comes to outdoor use, mid-wheel drive tends to track across a side slope very well, as the drive wheel is in the center of the power base.
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  • Rear-Wheel Drive Power Chairs
    Rear-Wheel Drive Power Chairs
    Traditionally, this drive-wheel configuration is best known for offering the highest top speed and performing well at high speeds. RWD power bases track very straight, which can be beneficial when driving at high speeds and with non-proportional input devices. In addition, a RWD handles aggressive terrain well and is considered to have good stability. The primary disadvantages to a RWD power wheelchair include the overall size of the wheelchair’s footprint and the turning radius. For example, when maneuvering around a corner the entire wheelchair must clear the corner before turning, thus requiring more space than the other configuration of bases.
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  • Travel Power Chairs
    Travel Power Chairs
    One reason to consider a travel power chair may be simply because it will be easy to store if needed and it won’t take up much space while in use (like in an airplane or car).  Most Travel or  Foldable Power Wheelchairs  are usually very light and either can be  disassembled quickly , which will make the power chair very easy to store away in a trunk when traveling.  Travel wheelchairs are not designed for those with larger frame bodies however there are heavy duty wheelchairs that are designed for those with bigger body frames.
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  • Standing Power Chairs
    Standing Power Chairs
    Standing Power Wheelchairs are designed for those who want to stand up in the wheelchair by their own. Standing Wheelchairs eliminate unnecessary lifting b y extending the body into a standing position, this chair promotes circulation, allows for optimal kidney and bladder function, and improves muscle tone. Standing also helps to prevent bone decalcification, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
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  • All Terrain Power Chairs
    All Terrain Power Chairs
    All-terrain power wheelchairs, with their extra large, wide-tread tires, are designed primarily for driving over rough, outdoor surfaces.  Some are equipped with crawler tracks to handle conditions which would be extremely difficult, and potentially hazardous, for a medical power wheelchair. These include: mud, sand and overgrown grass rocky roads and paths covered in snow, slush, sleet or ice steep hills, steep inclines and steep slopes This may, in part, help to explain why extreme outdoor power chairs appeal to the young and adventurous.
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  • Power Chair Accessories
    Power Chair Accessories
    See all of our power chair accessories including cane/crutch holders, walker holders, cup holders, baskets, oxygen holders, weather covers and more!
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Power wheelchairs are an excellent mobility product for anyone that needs constant mobility assistance. We have a large selection of high-quality power chairs available. Whether you are looking for heavy-duty power chairs, power chair accessories, or even front-wheel-drive power chairs. We have these available for a variety of needs. Contact us with any questions about finding the right power chair for your needs.

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