• Nebulizer Accessories
    Nebulizer Accessories
     Including Nebulizer Sets, Filters, Masks, Tubing, Carrying Cases, AC/DC Adapters & Batteries
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  • Pediatric Nebulizers
    Pediatric Nebulizers
    Cool  Nebulizers  JUST FOR KIDS in Kid-Friendly Designs that make treatment Fun!  Many children require a nebulizer machine to help with their respiratory disorder such as asthma.  Because inhalers cannot be  used  by infants and are difficult for small children to  use, nebulizers  make treatment for asthma or other respiratory conditions easier and more effective for children.
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  • Piston Driven Nebulizers
    Piston Driven Nebulizers
    Piston-Pump Compressors (also called Jet or Aerosol Nebulizers) d elivers air from a piston-powered compressor through the liquid medication (normally through use of tubing and nebulizer cup) which creates the breathable mist. They are generally less expensive than ultrasonic nebulizers but are shown to be just as clinically effective at treating most respiratory conditions and have a tendency to be a little bit more noisy.
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  • Portable Compact Nebulizers
    Portable Compact Nebulizers
    The Portable Nebulizer  lets you take control of your life again. Quiet one touch operation & tubeless design allows you to go anywhere.
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  • Ultrasonic Nebulizers
    Ultrasonic Nebulizers
    Ultrasonic nebulizers  deliver medicine by using high-frequency vibrations to turn liquid medication into a mist. This fine mist is then inhaled by the patient via an attached mouthpiece or mask. Compared to jet compressors,  ultrasonic nebulizers  are very quiet, smaller in size and provide very quick treatments.
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  • Nebulizer Compressors
    Nebulizer Compressors
    Nebulizer compressors come in two styles: Piston Nebulizers and Ultrasonic Nebulizers. Some key differences are going to be maximum pressure and liter flow. Due to these differences, not all nebulization can be done with an ultrasonic nebulizer that can be done with a piston compressor nebulizer.
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nebuliser or nebulizer is a drug delivery device used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. Nebulizers are commonly used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases or disorders.

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