Pediatric Seating & Positioning

  • Back Supports
    Back Supports
    A lightweight padded back support promotes improved posture and trunk control. Simple to use at home, school, or anywhere you go. It securely straps to chairs, wheelchairs, and strollers.
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  • Seat2Go Positioning Seat Accessories
    Seat2Go Positioning Seat Accessories
    Positioning Seat is a great option for children with limited dexterity. The seat promotes good posture and provides safety by preventing the user from sliding out of the seat.
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  • P-Pod Chairs
    P-Pod Chairs
    The P Pod was born as a result of feedback from parents that were clamoring for an alternative seating device for the home that would provide all the clinical benefits their child’s needs, while allowing them to actively participate with the family.
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Pediatric Seating & Back Supports