Hospital Beds

  • Full Electric Beds Hospital/Home-care
    Full Electric Beds Hospital/Home-care
    Full electric, motorized hospital beds help patients sit up & get out of bed with ease and provide caregivers better access to their patients. Full Electric Beds  allow users to dial in the desired bed position and height. With easy height-adjustable capabilities transfers to and from a bed or chair are much easier and saves caregivers the constant strain of bending over.
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  • Semi Electric Beds Hospital/Home-care
    Semi Electric Beds Hospital/Home-care
    The Semi Electric Bed is perfect for anyone who needs a hospital style bed at home or in a nursing home. The Semi Electric bed has a motor which is quiet and smooth when operating the adjustment of the head and foot sections of the bed, while the height of the bed is adjusted manually.  The hand control is easy to use and will operate the head and foot sections at the same time and has a convenient clip which attaches to the frame of the bed making sure the control is always by the patients side. T he Semi Electric Bed is perfect for any home where someone needs additional assistance in bed and would like the added convenience of being able to adjust the sections of the bed.
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  • Manual Hospital Beds
    Manual Hospital Beds
    Manual Hospital Beds  are comfortable medical beds that allow for the adjustment of the user’s height as well as head and knee elevation through the use of hand cranks as opposed to electrical equipment. The wireless nature of these beds allows them to be a cost-effective bedding option, as the lack of electrical equipment limits maintenance costs. 
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  • Accessories for Home/Hospital Beds
    Accessories for Home/Hospital Beds
    We have an assortment of rails, c ushions, pillows, b ed  pads & b ed  sheets. We also have t rapeze's for use of transporting patients from the bed to wheelchairs or any other product. We also have overbed tables and b ed  wedges for comfortability.
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  • Low Bed Hospital/Home Care
    Low Bed Hospital/Home Care
    Low  Beds are full electric  hospital beds  that offer easy access for caregivers while also providing a safer bed for patients at risk of fall injuries. They also  provide safety and comfort for patients who have difficulty getting in and out of higher  hospital beds
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  • Adjustable Beds & Frames
    Adjustable Beds & Frames
    Adjustable beds  and bed-frames have added a new functionality and comfort to traditional sleep systems.  Whether you need an adjustable bed to ease discomfort and allow for better rest, or you want to be able to comfortably work in bed or watch a movie, we has multiple options to give you that comfort and convenience.
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  • Mattresses & Overlays
    Mattresses & Overlays
    Overlay Support Surfaces allow for efficient flow throughout the mattress for use in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.
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  • Bariatric Hospital Beds
    Bariatric Hospital Beds
    We offer the best prices on extra-wide bariatric hospital beds. Bariatric hospital beds are also called heavy duty hospital beds as well. Whatever you call them, we have the lowest prices and fastest shipping. 
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  • Patient Beds
    Patient Beds
    Our patient beds are designed to provide top quality care for your loved one. No matter who is recovering from a surgery or injury, our beds can provide the comfort they need. We have a full selection of manual patient beds and electric patient beds. We also will be any other advertised price, if you find something priced lower, please let us know. 
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Find the electric hospital beds by Drive Medical and Grahm Field that is right for you or your patient on our website. We have an assortment of beds such as full-electric, semi-electric and low bed. Check us out or give us a call at 1-855-563-9900. We are here to help you.

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