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Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Range Product Weight
400 lbs 6.5 mph 23 20 miles 260 lbs

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The Frontier "Urban" C73 is our most durable group 3, power wheelchair on the market for indoor use.  Ask for our easy upgrade to  "All-terrain" model for an active outdoor life style.

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  • Rehab Seat
  • MPS Seating System or Rehab Seating and No Power Seating Options
  • MPS Seat w/ Solid Seat Pan
  • 50° Power Tilt in Space
  • 135° Integrated Shear Reduction (ISR) Power Recline Rehab Seating System
  • 135° Power Recline MPS Seating System
  • Lift - 12” Seat Elevator - 340 lb. Capacity
  • Lift & Tilt Combination - 12” Seat Elevator* - 340 lb. Capacity 50° Power TIS
  • 18" X 16"
  • 20" X 18"
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Never before has a wheelchair been designed that combines tremendous off-road capability with mid wheel drive performance. The V6 Frontier lets you indulge your driving passions to the fullest. With 2 spirited mid mounted motors and refinements that understate the exciting engineering, the Frontier is a new breed of Off Road wheelchair.

Innovation In Motion V6 Frontier all terrain power wheelchair is an off road mid wheel drive power wheelchair which provides tremendous capabilities. V6 Frontier all terrain power wheelchair comes with brand new 3 spoke alloy wheels.

The Frontier V6 is like no other mid-wheel drive wheelchair. It combines the maneuverability and speed of a primary, conventional wheelchair with the off-road capabilities of a SUV. Great for indoors and even better out!

V6 Frontier Base is a 400 lb. capacity, (2) 4 Pole Motors, Independent Articulating Suspension, DX2-REM420 Amp Drive Control.

Rehab Seat: Seat back canes with no back and Solid Seat Pan without cushion, Angle Adjustable, and Height Adjustable Arms.

MPS Seating System: Seat: Three foam, anti-thrust, contoured cushion with anterior and posterior support.

Seat Back: Manual recline, height/angle adjustable and removable headrest with built-in lateral support.

MPS Seat with Solid Seat Pan: MPS seating system with solid seat pan in place of contoured cushion.

Experience a Unique Capability

Never before has a wheelchair been designed that combines tremendous off-road capability with mid wheel drive performance. One of the top electric power wheelchairs, the Frontier lets you indulge your driving passions to the fullest. With 2 spirited mid mounted motors and new breed of Off Road wheelchair. 

A Real Performance Feel

The precision handling integrates superb Mid Wheel Drive dynamics with State-Of-The-Art technology. All six wheels maintain constant contact with the terrain through the articulated frame imparting the Frontier with outstanding performance.


  • 2 Powerful 4 Pole DC Motors-MID-WHEEL-DRIVE

  • Patented Passive Steering System

  • Almost 1,000 Watts of Power Massive

  • 75 AH Sealed AGM Batteries

  • Climbs Curbs with ease

  • Up to 400 lb. User Capacity

  • Huge Mid-Wheel Knobby Tires


  • V6 Frontier Features and Specifications
  • Joystick/Power Module: Penny and Giles R-net
  • Length: 41.5"
  • Width: 28"
  • Turning Radius: 23"
  • Weight Limit: 400 lbs
  • Motors: (2) 4 Pole, 24 Volt Motors, 800W each, Gear in Line
  • Batteries: (2) Group 24, 73 Amp hr
  • Drive Tires: Black Pneumatic Low Pressure 14" (145/70-6)
  • Castors: Black Pneumatic or Foam-Filled 2.50-4
  • Top Speed: 6.5 mph
  • *performance will vary depending on weight and power options
  • Warranty:
  • 3 Year Limited on Frames
  • 1 Year Limited on Electronics

Driving on soft sand

It is possible to drive the chair on many types of soft and hard sand, however the climbing ability of the chair may be reduced in some angles of very soft sand. It is important when driving on sand not to have too low of a speed. We suggest that speeds lower than 4 are not used. Should any of the wheels start to skid or slip on the sand, continue driving as they will gain traction as the chair moves along. If at all possible, have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required.

Driving on snow

It is possible to drive the chair on snow covered surfaces, however this can be a most hazardous situation, so great care must be taken. If at all possible have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required. Never drive the chair at an angle across a snow covered surface. Always drive the chair at speeds no more than speed 3.

Steep downward slopes

Before driving down a steep slope, if your chair is equipped with Tilt-In-Space, tilt the seat back to roughly the angle of the slope. This will assist you in going down the slope in a comfortable sitting position and will add grip to the rear of the chair. If your chair is not equipped with Tilt-In-Space, make sure you are sitting as far back in the seat as possible and that your upper body will not fall forward. Never try driving down a slope that you feel concerned about. Always drive straight down a slope, or at a very slight angle if necessary. Never try driving across a steep slope since it is possible to tip the chair over in this situation. If at all possible, have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required.

Steep climbing slopes

Before driving up a steep slope, if your chair is equipped with Tilt-In-Space or Power Recline Backrest, ensure both are in the fully upright position. Always drive straight up a steep slope. Never, if possible, drive sideways up a steep slope. If possible shift your weight to the front of the chair as this will aid the front wheels in maintaining traction. Should the front wheels start to lose traction and start fluttering left and right, continue to drive up the slope at the fastest safe speed. The rear wheels will continue to steer and power the chair. If at all possible, have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required.

Obstacle climbing

The chair will climb numerous obstacles, but also has some self limiting functions to ensure some level of safety. The center mounting frame for the one piece footplate that is located between the front wheels just behind the fibreglass cowl, limit steps, curbs and obstacles to a height of 4 inches and the rear frame bar to a height of 3 inches. This does not mean that obstacle climbing is limited to these. It means that obstacles greater than this cannot pass directly under the chair. When climbing obstacles, take great care not to tip the chair over..

Driving through water or mud

It is possible to drive the chair through limited depths of water or mud, but great care must be taken to ensure that you do not become bogged or the chair damaged. We recommend that you do not drive the char through more that 2 inches of water or mud. When driving through water, keep the speed low (1 or 2), and if possible drive the chair slowly over a dry surface when exiting the water to limit the amount of moisture that may splash under the chair.

Allowing water to enter the electronics, wiring, motors or Joystick will cause damage to these systems and should be absolutely avoided. When driving through mud, keep the speed of the chair at a moderate pace, so as not to allow the wheels to spin excessively or slow down too much. Driving through water or mud should only be done on flat areas. If at all possible, have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required. Continued use in salt water will cause excessive corrosion, avoid this at all times.

Weight Capacity 400 lbs.
Product Weight 260 lbs.
Battery Type 12V x 75AH
Maximum Speed 6 mph
Drive Range 20 Miles
Turning Radius 23"
Overall Length 41.5"
Overall Width 28"
Drive Type All Wheel Drive
Front Wheel Size 2.5"
Rear Wheel Size 2.5"
Joystick Options Adjustable Left or Right

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