• Blind Walker Canes
    Blind Walker Canes
    With 4-section aluminum construction this cane is light weight and folds easily for storage when not in use. The shaft is covered in a reflective white and red color able to increase visibility. The product comes standard with a reinforced nylon tip and wrist strap ensuring the cane is always with in reach.
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  • Canes with Seats
    Canes with Seats
    Folding canes with seats provide you with a sturdy support cane when closed and a comfortable seat to rest on when open. 
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  • Folding Canes
    Folding Canes
    These lightweight adjustable folding canes are great for individuals on the go. The cane easily folds and unfolds with out tools, making storage or travel convenient.
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  • Offset Handle Canes
    Offset Handle Canes
    Ergonomically designed handle with soft Foam Grip provides comfort and security.
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An assistive cane is a walking stick used as a crutch or mobility aid. Canes can help redistribute weight from a lower leg that is weak or painful, improve stability by increasing the base of support and provide tactile information about the ground to improve balance.

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