Pediatric Rehab

  • Pediatric Car Seats
    Pediatric Car Seats
    A  seat offers parents of a special needs child or young adult, the everyday safety of a traditional car seat combined with optimal levels of clinical support to assist with positioning needs.
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  • Pediatric Strollers
    Pediatric Strollers
    Strollers are a tried and truth method of transporting children safely and securely, and when the young person in your care has special needs, these devices become indispensable. 
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  • Pediatric Bath Chairs
    Pediatric Bath Chairs
    These bathing and transfer systems are portable and height-adjustable bathing systems for kids with special needs. 
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  • Pediatric Crawl Trainers
    Pediatric Crawl Trainers
    Crawl Trainers support the user and instruct, encourage and reinforce crawling. They are designed for children without head control or the ability to roll over or crawl. Crawling is essential for optimum development.
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  • Pediatric Gait Trainers
    Pediatric Gait Trainers
    These gait trainers provide for a natural and stable gait. We have many gait trainers / walkers to choose from for a full range of children up to  young  adults. 
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  • Pediatric Glider Walkers
    Pediatric Glider Walkers
    A Glider Walker provides superior stability and balance that allows children to walk more safely and easily, supporting their development and encouraging greater independence. 
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  • Pediatric Rehab Accessories
    Pediatric Rehab Accessories
    Includes Extended Uprights & Forearm Platforms
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  • Pediatric Standers
    Pediatric Standers
    Pediatric standers , also known as standing frames, were created for children unable to stand on their own. By using standers to enjoy upright positioning at various lengths of time throughout the day, children may begin to build muscular strength and coordination in weaker areas. 
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  • Pediatric Posterior Walkers
    Pediatric Posterior Walkers
    The Nimbo Posterior Walker supports the user from behind requiring them to procure a more upright posture and it also promotes trunk extension.  Many physical therapists prefer posterior (reverse) walkers for children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological, orthopedic and developmental disorders.
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  • Pediatric Safety Rollers
    Pediatric Safety Rollers
    The Safety Roller's adjustments and compatible modular components provide substantial built-in growth. This in conjunction with its sturdy and functional design allow for many years of use. The Safety Rollers build confidence in children as they encourage safe ambulation and a sense of freedom. The child is never without support and is always in full control.
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  • Pediatric Seating & Positioning
    Pediatric Seating & Positioning
    Pediatric Seating & Back Supports
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  • Pediatric Wheelchairs
    Pediatric Wheelchairs
    Kid's  wheelchairs  that are outfitted for the unique needs of children.
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  • Pediatric Adaptive Toilets
    Pediatric Adaptive Toilets
    Toilet Support is a one of a family of products that provides safe and secure support for your child while on the toilet, yet is easily removed to allow toilet use by others.
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Special Needs Kids products are required for proper positioning and mobility purpose. We carry a wide range of products like Wheelchairs, Seating Systems, Walkers, Adaptive Strollers, Bath products and many more of major brands idealistic to meet the needs of children.